The most secure light vehicle platform

Who We Are

and where we are heading to

As part of a German governmental research project a radically new and secure mobility concept was born and presented on international car shows
We hold all know-how, international patents and other IP (including a CAD data) for the legally street-registered prototype
With the revival of the rolling-chassic concept in car manufacturing our platform is a ready-to-use module for multiple use-cases

The Most Secure Light Vehicle Platform

  • Patent protection for the security concept in the USA, GB and Germany
  • The subject matter of all the three independent patents is:
    • “A vehicle frame with a seat that can be swiveled between a low driving position and a high boarding position.”
  • The patents therefore relate to the combination of the safety cell and the seat arranged in it
  • This safety concept is lighter than usual vehicles in its class:
    • In the event of a side impact, the forces are taken over by the high sill.
    • Unlike conventional cars, the doors can be built correspondingly lighter, without compromising on safety.
  • Protection is independent of the number of seats and not limited to the single-seater. There could also be two or more seats next to or behind one another

Crash simulation by ALTAIR

Front crash

40% and 100% coverage:

Euro NCAP; 64 km / h, 40% coverage

US NCAP - 56 mph, rigid wall

Side crash and pole crash

Euro NCAP - ECE-R95, 86/27 / EG, 950kg, 50 km / h, 0 °

Rear crash

ECE R32 - 1100 kg, 38km / h, 100% coverage

Lowspeed" crash

RCAR - rigid barrier, 15 km / h, 40% coverage


Neon car: 1200 kg, 56km / h, 40% coverage; Colibri: 56 km / h, ~ 70% coverage

Altair gave a positive assessment

Steering column incorporated in front crash

Complete target achievement within the expectation of the STROM program

Platform use cases and joint-venture projects



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